A.D.B.A. Registered

Pack Of Pitts Huge Head Blues

Packs' Raging Blue

pit bull resting

Raging Bear

Litter Brother of R.B's Blue

mother pitbull


Dame of Raging Bulls's Blue

mother pitbull

Raging Bull's Blue 85Lbs

All "Raging" Dogs are Direct Descendants of Raging Bull's Champion "Jake"​

*U.K.C. Purple Ribbon Bred*​

Blue XL Pitbull Standing

Blue Max

Sire of Blue Bella

U.K.C Registered Purple Ribbon Bred​

pitbull siyying

M&M Jewelz

Dame of Blue Bella

U.K.C Registered Purple Ribbon Bred​

Special thanks to our friends at A1 Blue Pits!​

A.D.B.A. Registered

Champagne XL Pit Bull Terrier

Trevino'sManny 92Lbs

Sire of Pack's Cervato

Trevino's Chanel 80Lbs

Dame of Pack's Cervato

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