A.D.B.A. Registered


Packs' Raging Blue


Pack Of Pitts Huge Head Blues

A.D.B.A. Registered

*U.K.C. Purple Ribbon Bred*​

Raging Bear

Champagne XL Pit Bull Terrier

Blue XL Pitbull Standing

Litter Brother of R.B's Blue

pit bull resting

Blue Max

U.K.C Registered Purple Ribbon Bred​

Trevino'sManny 92Lbs

mother pitbull

Sire of Blue Bella

Sire of Pack's Cervato

pitbull siyying

M&M Jewelz


Trevino's Chanel 80Lbs

U.K.C Registered Purple Ribbon Bred​

All "Raging" Dogs are Direct Descendants of Raging Bull's Champion "Jake"​

Dame of Raging Bulls's Blue

Dame of Blue Bella

mother pitbull

Special thanks to our friends at A1 Blue Pits!​

Dame of Pack's Cervato

Raging Bull's Blue 85Lbs

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