Breed Reclassification Process Underway: American Staffordshire Terrier - American Bully - Working Pit Bulldog.
As a continuation of my article in the last issue of the Gazette, What In Your Pedigree?
 I hope to give readers some of the details of the reassigning of dogs from certain bloodlines formerly registered as American Pit Bull Terriers into breed reclassifications that more distinctly defines their breed type. The registration department has painstakingly done the research on the registrations of dogs currently being processed using photos submitted and online to understand the type of dogs that certain kennels and bloodlines are producing. A dog’s registration with another kennel club as a breed other than the American Pit Bull Terrier also qualifies a dogs in moving to that breed classification with the American Dog Breeders Association. The breed names for the dogs being moved from the American Pit Bull Terrier stud book to another breed classification include American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully and the Working Pit Bulldog. American Staffordshire Terrier: Breed Type The American Kennel Club opened their stud book in 1936 to select UKC and ADBA registered American Pit Bull Terriers due to the popularity of the dog Petey of ‘My Gang Comedy’ fame.   The breed name was changed, at that time, to American Staffordshire Terrier for the dogs admitted into the AKC stud book. The history shows that no other breeds have been in fluxed into the development of these dogs.  Fanciers developed a standard for their dogs and the breeding goal of many of the breeders was for the look of the dog, not the heritage purpose as an athletic fighting dog.
Any new single registrations of AKC registered American Staffordshire Terriers will be registered as  American Staffordshire Terriers with the ADBA.  Any current ADBA registered dogs with 75% or more of AKC registered American Staffordshire Terriers within their ancestry and exhibiting American Staffordshire Terrier breed type can elect to have their dog recognized under the breed name American Staffordshire Terrier.
Because of the close genetic history to the American Pit Bull Terrier, the general look of the American Staffordshire Terriers should reflect this relationship. The American Staffordshire Terrier should give the impression of overall strength for his size, muscular, but still agile and graceful – not coarse or bulky.  He should appear stocky, with wide shoulders and hip, not long legged or racy in outline.  He should carry himself with confidence, being keenly alert to his surroundings. His courage is proverbial.  The dogs head is distinctly deep and board with pronounced cheeks
and a distinct stop.  Ears can be cropped or natural, set high on the skull. The dog’s muzzle is medium in length with jaws well defined, lips close and even without looseness. The dogs coat is short, glossy and slightly stiff to the touch in any color or combination of colors… but all white, more than 80% white, black and tan and liver should not be encouraged.  Dogs with the merle color pattern will not be registered within the American Staffordshire Terrier breed classification with the ADBA. Height and weight should be in proportion.  Males should be 18 to 19 inches at the withers and females should be 17 to 18 inches preferred. American Bully The American Bully developed as a natural extension of UKC registered American Pit Bull Terriers mated with AKC registered American Staffordshire Terrier; different varieties of the same breed based on bloodline history. In addition, speculation has been made by the UKC, the original registration office for these dogs, that the breed was influenced by the infusion of other bull breeds that have not specifically been identified.  The breeders of these dogs have developed the dogs for a specific build and temperament so unique, that it needs to be recognized as a separate breed. Dogs from bloodlines known for producing dogs exhibiting these physical characteristic currently registered as American Pit Bull Terriers within the ADBA stud book will be moved to the designation of American Bully as the breed:
Breed Reclassification Process Underway American BullyAmerican Staffordshire Terrier Working Pit Bulldog
American Bully: Breed Type The American Bully appearance should reflect their strong American Pit Bull Terrier foundation – being compact and heavily muscled with a blocky head, short and wide muzzle with a deep stop and prominent cheeks. Ears may be trimmed or natural.  A thick and well muscled neck transitioning into a level top line is also characteristic to the breed.  
The body shape of the American Bully is rectangular with a short back, wide shoulder and hips, a wide barrel chest and heavy bone with compact feet. The American Bully is a short coated breed, with a smooth, glossy slightly bristled coat of any color or combination of colors excluding merle. Dogs with the merle color pattern will not be accepted for registration. The breed was developed for a unique temperament: dogs being accepted as an American Bully must exhibit the temperament of confidence, vitality and alertness, along with a strong willingness to please and a bond to their owners. Dogs will be friendly with children, strangers
and other animals.  Man or dog aggression of any degree or extreme shyness is
uncharacteristic and is highly undesirable within the breed. Overall soundness of body and temperament should never be sacrificed in favor of size or mass.  Breeders have the responsibility to avoid any exaggerations that are detrimental to the health and welfare and essence of this breed. Two varieties will be recognized within the breed, the Classic and Standard.  The Classic American Bully will exhibit more length of leg with moderate width in the front and rear displaying athleticism and stamina. Working Pit Bulldog The ADBA Board Of Directors would like to thank the breeders for their input and taking the time to help with the foundation process in establishing this new breed.  The new breed name was selected with input from the breeders and owners of these dogs.  Working reflects the purpose of the dogs away from the traditional use of the terrier – to a working dog.  The Pit in the name identifies the foundation stock as being American Pit Bull Terrier and Bulldog tracing back the influence of the historic working Bulldog in England that was used as one of the dogs used in the development of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Working Pit Bulldogs: Breed Type The dogs conforming to this breed type were developed over the course of a 31 year history of the sport of weight puling.  Select American Pit Bull Terriers were bred for their working ability and this competitive sport. The sizes of the dogs were greatly increased by various breeding practices including a suspected influx of other large working breeds.  In addition to size, the dogs’ basic temperament also changed from a traditional terrier type to a working
type dog. The dog is stable of temperament showing no human aggression. The dogs’ willingness to please its owner and work gamely is reflective of its American Pit
Bull Terrier origins.  Dogs weighing over 75 pounds currently registered as American Pit Bull Terriers and tracing back to the bloodlines that were developed as working dogs used for weight pulling or other working purposes are being reclassified into the breed designation  Working Pit Bulldog. The conformation characteristics of this breed should reflect their strong American Pit Bull Terrier foundation.  Generally these dogs stand tall with length of leg, large bones with health and soundness of body and temperament. Body type is rectangular with a wide loin and hip and a well developed backend to match the well developed musculature of the front assembly.  The dogs have a short, glossy slightly bristled coat in any color or any combination of colors excluding the merle color pattern.  Dogs with the merle color pattern will not be accepted for registration. Any dog weighing over 135 pounds (lean weight) at two years of age will not be registered.  Any dogs exhibiting extremes in conformation with associated health problems will not be registered. Conformation Standards ADBA Conformation Standards for the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully and the Working Pit Bulldog are being developed and will be on the ADBA website within the coming months.  Once the conformation standards are complete and accepted, it is our expectations that they will be used in judging the corresponding breeds in ADBA Sanctioned conformation shows for the selection of brood stock exhibiting excellent breed type with soundness of both conformation and temperament. The breed standards will also serve as a guideline for future breeders of these dogs and will assist them in moving forward in terms of recognition and respect in the world of purebred dogs. Please visit the ADBA webiste www. for more information as the breed standards for these dogs develop.

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Breeding AMSTAFF to APBT or American Bully is no Longer Accepted. APBTs and Workiing Pit Bull Dogs can Produce Either Desired Breed, APBT or Working Pit Bull Dog.

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Pit Bulls Against Misinformation Petition A.D.B.A.

Pit Bulls Against Misinformation Update: A.D.B.A Has Responded

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Pitbulls Against Misinformation

Update: The ADBA has responded and we thank them!

There has been massive media attention given to "The Hulk" a 173+ lb mixed breed dog marketed by his breeders Dark Dynasty K9 as an American Pit Bull Terrier. A dog they claim publicly is dual registered as an APBT by both the UKC and ADBA.

The breeders have Hulk's pedigree posted on line which shows Whopper as an ancestor.

It's been well known for many years that Whopper dogs are not American Pit Bull Terriers and claims have been made that Eddington mixing his Freeman bloodline to produce Whopper was done with full consent and knowledge of both the ADBA and the UKC to create behemoth dogs who excel in weight pull events. 

Because of this, unethical breeders such as DDK are able to pass off their obviously mixed breed dogs as APBT (Pit Bulls) and dupe the uneducated public into believing these dogs are representative of what the American Pit Bull Terrier is. The Hulk has gone viral as being the world's largest APBT but those familiar with the breed and his pedigree know for a fact that he is not a Pit Bull. In effect, if Whopper is continued to be allowed to be registered as a Pit Bull with UKC and ADBA, irresponsible breeders - the very breeders we should all be united in shutting down to ensure the betterment and preservation of our beloved breeds and to help reduce shelter dog intakes, will continue to benefit from an error in your stud books that should have been corrected years ago.

Breed mislabeling, as you are well aware, leads to the passage of Breed Specific Legislation - laws which both of your organizations claim to be against.

Both of your organizations also claim to support responsible breeding and there is nothing responsible or ethical about charging thousands of dollars for dogs of misrepresented lineage. 

Because of these very points, both of your organizations have a very clear duty to right this wrong by immediately revoking Whopper's registration and by ensuring that The Hulk is denied registration as an American Pit Bull Terrier. If it is true that The Hulk is registered with either of your groups (as DDK claims on their website), those papers should also be revoked to ensure that he, and other dogs like him, are not able to gain recognition for a breed they are not.

03/24/15: Update: please see the ADBA's response here:

This petition was delivered to:

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              Tanya Rabb, President of the UKC


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