U.K.C. American Pit Bull Terrier  A.D.B.A. American Bully
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Raging Bull Kennels

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Raging Bull's Blue​

Pack's Blue Bella​

85LBs "Dual Registered"


*Purple Ribbon Bred*

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Raging Bulls Blue At Stud

Blue Litter 2016

Sire's Bloodline: Raging Bull & Hawaiian Blue​

Dame Bloodline: Xtreme Pits​

Email: [email protected]

Pack Of Pitts Kennels APBT
Blue Litter Whelped 1/4/2016

1st Pick Male - SOLD

1st Pick Female - SOLD

2nd Pick Male - SOLD

2nd Pick Female - SOLD

3rd Pick Male - SOLD

3rd Pick Female - SOLD

4th Pick Female - SOLD

5th Pick Female - SOLD

6th Pick Female - SOLD

Litter Photos Below

Included With Full Payment:

UKC Registration Papers

Updated Vaccination Record (2/15/16)

Deworming (2/15/16)

​Health Certification (Completed 2/15/16)

Travel Crate

Purchase Agreement (Click To Download Document)

2016 Puppy Photos With Their Families! ( United Pet Shipment )

 Safe with the Pack!

Blue Litter 2016 Photos, Born 1/4/16



UKC Pit Bull Registry
UKC Pit Bull Registry

XL Blue Pit Bull Puppy 2016 Litter

Blue Puppy 2016 Pack Litter

Purebred Blue
American Pit Bull Terriers

Purebred Blue
American Pit Bull Terriers

Koa at 11 Months - Boston Ma.

Ghost at 8 Months 80LBs - Seattle Wa.

Custom Painting By Jada's Owner  Check him out!


Jada at 1.5 Years 80LBs - Buffalo N.Y.


Bo Diddley at 1.5 Years 85LBs - Pittsburg Pa.

Blue XL APBT Puppy 2016 Litter

Raging Bull Kennels

 Savage at 1.5 Years 93LBs - Western N.Y.

Raging Bull's Luna at 11 Months - Amherst N.Y.

Baby Helping Deliver Blue Pit Bull Litter 2016
Blue Fawn 2016 Litter Pack Pitts

Gaia at 1 Year 68LBs  Spencerport NY

Baby Age 3 Bella Age 3

Falzone's Raging Nala at 1 Year 65LBs  - Tonawanda N.Y.

Daisy at 1 Year - Alanta Ga.